Stitch Logo is committed to the well-being of our staff and you.

We will continue to source manufacturer's that are producing supplies that can help our customers through this crisis. Please reach out to us with any special requests.
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Face Masks

Stitch Logo is sourcing face masks and other protective supplies to help you through this crisis. Available now disposable masks, KN95 filtration masks and American Made washable masks.

KN95 Filtration Face Mask

Filters 95+% efficiency rate of very small (0.3 micron) airborne particles.

Bag of 5 Masks or Box of 20 Masks

Immediately Available.

500 Max order / 25 Boxes

Disposable Protective Face Mask

FDA Approved CE Certification Masks.

Bag of 10 Masks or Box of 50 Masks

Immediately Available.

1,000 Max order / 20 Boxes

Washable Cotton Face Mask

Made in the USA washable cotton mask. 10 Masks per bag.

Immediately Available in Limited Quantities.  Larger orders available in 1-2 weeks.

100 Max order / 10 Bags

Washable Poly/Spandex Face Mask


Made in America washable face mask. 10 Masks per bag.

Available Immediately in Limited Quantities

100 Max order / 10 Bags